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Circular Health

This book takes a considered look back at how the concept of health initially developed and subsequently evolved in the face of contemporary discoveries. By considering the personal experiences of many leading scientists of their respective days, the reader understands how lateral and cross-disciplinary thinking were the keys elements that drove the enormous knowledge gains required to arrive at our current overall societal health view.

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Out today in the Spanish edition “Il viaggio segreto dei virus”

The Spanish edition of Ilaria Capua’s children’s book “Il viaggio segreto dei virus” is published today by Ediciones Laberinto. Available in all bookstores in Spain and in the main online stores.

Los virus están en boca de todos, ¡seguro que has aprendido mucho sobre ellos últimamente!
Sin embargo, aún se desconocen muchas…

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Ilaria Capua winner of the second edition of the Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize

The Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize in its second edition recognises Prof. Ilaria Capua, virologist and current Director of the “One Health” Center of Excellence at the University of Florida, for her notable research career in the fields of veterinary medicine and microbiology, for her contributions to science…

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Ilaria Capua’s book “Il viaggio segreto dei virus” will be published in Germany at the end of May

We are happy to announce that children’s book “Il viaggio segreto dei virus”  (The Secret Voyage of Viruses) will be published in german by Carl Auer Verlag on 25 May!

We are honoured to be featured by Simons Kehrwoche and thankful to Carl Auer Verlag for remembering when…

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Looking back at 15 years of sharing viral genomes to forge ahead

Fifteenyears after the revolutionary decision to make the gene sequence of the avian virus public domain, Ilaria Capua, pioneer of open access science, look beyond Covid-19 on the pages of Stat News

Anniversaries represent an opportunity for revisiting the past to make a leap forward. I’m using a…

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The unsung virtue of thermostability

How about developing thermostable vaccines once and for all? Until we abandon the cold chain, equitable vaccination will not be possible. We need to invest in hermostable vaccines now.

Read The unsung virtue of thermostability, Ilaria Capua and Carlo Giaquinto’s letter published on March 23, 2021  on Lancet’s website. 



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Science by the Slice

Science by the Slice is a podcast from the UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education (PIE Center) that explores the science behind issues affecting our daily lives, encompassing public health, agriculture, and natural resources.

Experts discuss the science of complex challenges in our society, then, through analysis and storytelling,…

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Martedì 28 settembre, ore 18, in #SalaBuzzati, un nuovo dialogo di BAM Forum con Emanuele Capobianco, @ifrc, @ilariacapua, @OneHealthUF, e @massimosideri, @CorInnovazione.
Ingresso con prenotazione:

In collaborazione con #BAM e #FondazioneRiccardoCatella

Mañana será publicado mi libro para chicos sobre el viaje secreto de los virus. ¡En español!

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