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Circular Health

This book takes a considered look back at how the concept of health initially developed and subsequently evolved in the face of contemporary discoveries. By considering the personal experiences of many leading scientists of their respective days, the reader understands how lateral and cross-disciplinary thinking were the keys elements that drove the enormous knowledge gains required to arrive at our current overall societal health view.

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Ilaria Capua will be guest of honor of the Council for the United States and Italy

Tuesday 12 January 2021 at 5.00 pm Ilaria Capua will be guest of honor of the Council for the United States and Italy, an independent, private, non-profit  association, launched in 1983 by Gianni Agnelli and David Rockefeller.

His speech The rainbow within Covid19 will be introduced by President Domenico…

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Ilaria Capua’s book “Ti conosco mascherina” has been translated into five languages

The children’s book Ti conosco mascherina written by Ilaria Capua and published in Italy last October by Coccinella editore has been translated into five languages. It will soon go on sale in France, Portugal, Poland, Turkey and Slovenia.

Ti conosco mascherina (I know you mascherina!) is a game book…

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Discovering the circular nature of Covid-19

There were more than 18,000 views of four online meetings on eight social networks, with hundreds of comments and the involvement and four international partners: the World Bank, Greenpeace International, New York University and These were the results of a series of digital talks on Discovering the Circular nature of Covid-19, curated by Elastica…

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Ilaria Capua is among the winners of the 39th MASI AWARD

Together with Reinhold Messner and Andrea Rigoni, Ilaria Capua received the Masi Civiltà Veneta 2020 Award on 24 October 2020. This is an important recognition that the Masi Foundation bestows on personalities – Venetian by birth, by family or by adoption – who have distinguished in the fields…

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Barcelona Hypatia European Science Prize awarded Dr. Ilaria Capua

The Academia Europaea Barcelona Knowledge Hub is pleased to announce that Dr. Ilaria Capua, current Director of the “One Health” Center of Excellence at the Univeristy of Florida, and a member of the Biochemistry and molecular biology section of the Academy, has been selected as winner of the second edition…

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Scotland will hold independence referendum if SNP wins in May, says Sturgeon

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