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Director One Health Center of Excellence, University of Florida

Ilaria Capua is the director of One Health Center of Excellence at University of Florida, which focuses on co-advancing health as an integrated system through an interdisciplinary approach. A veterinarian by training, she has directed research teams internationally for over thirty years in the study of viral infections transmitted from animals to humans, as well as their pandemic potential.

In 2006, when confronted with the threat of an avian influenza pandemic, Capua made the decision to share the virus’s genetic sequence on free, open-access digital platforms. This act was a pivotal step in redefining the politics of transparency between international organizations in order to optimize strategies for confronting global threats, including pandemics. 

In 2021 Capua received the Hypatia Prize from the Academia Europaea of Science, among many other honors.

 She has published over 220 scientific studies and articles in international journals from 1993 to the present.






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One Health Center

The One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida focuses on understanding the interconnections between the health of humans, animals, plants, and the environment. The final objective of implementing the One Health vision is therefore the advancement of health as a system which has multiple stakeholders.
The UF One Health Center invests in developing innovative interdisciplinary approaches on how to co-advance the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment by exploiting the big data environment



Si nous n'agissons pas pour améliorer l'environnement dans lequel nous vivons, le Covid ne sera que la première d'une longue série d’épidémies.

Trois ans après le premier confinement, une leçon de @ilariacapua sur la circularité des pandémies globales.

"Oggi in 50 metri ho impattato un'umanità molto varia. Genitori che rimpinguano i figli di merendine e poi abbandonano le cartacce nell'aiuola. C'è chi una birra tira l'altra e poi un calcio al mondo e un tappeto di cocci di vetro e tappi. Le cicche dei fumatori a terra.. 1/2

“Sono un pittore. Non riesco a far nient’altro. Dio mi ha dato questo dono. Forse Dio ha scelto il periodo sbagliato. E io sono per le persone che non sono ancora nate”.

-Vincent Van Gogh