Circular Health

Empowering the One Health Revolution

COVID-19 could be the excuse we need to rethink health as a condition that pertains not only to Homo sapiens but to a system which comprises animals, plants, and the environment. We live in a closed system with limited resources – and the integrity and balance between Air, Water, Earth and Fire can to be rediscovered or reinvented respecting circularity and thus embracing sustainability. Homo sapiens is the species in charge of the rest of the creatures on Noah’s Ark, and now is the time to adopt a new mindset which sees health as a characteristic of a system rather than a fixed structure separated by kingdoms or taxonomic artifacts. This new approach to the concept of well-being teaches us to become responsible custodians of the interconnections and interdependences within Circular Health.

This book takes a considered look back at how the concept of health initially developed and subsequently evolved in the face of contemporary discoveries. By considering the personal experiences of many leading scientists of their respective days, the reader understands how lateral and cross-disciplinary thinking were the keys elements that drove the enormous knowledge gains required to arrive at our current overall societal health view. Ultimately the book encourages us to become defenders of the planet’s health as a whole.

Empowering the One Health Revolution
Bocconi University Press