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Building the Italy of tomorrow: the road to biotech. Ilaria Capua will be awarded the Assobiotec Award 2023

September 5, 2023

The event “Building the Italy of Tomorrow: The Biotech Road” will be held on Wednesday 31 May starting at 11 in the Sala Buzzati of the Corriere della Sera. On this occasion Ilaria Capua will be awarded the Assobiotec Award 2023.

The motivation for the award is as follows:

«The Assobiotec Award 2023 is given to Ilaria Capua for her passionate contribution to the progress of science and knowledge, for her commitment and advocacy towards the understanding of the interconnections between the health of the planet and all its inhabitants, for having returned to Italy and chosen to develop the the new paradigm of Circular Health from her home country, and for her forward-thinking outlook which is always aimed at the future»