The Circular Nature of the Covid-19 pandemic | SIAF, Zurich

18 May 2021

18th may 2021 – Swiss Institute of International Studies, Zurich

Prof. Dr. Ilaria Capua Virologist and author

Prof. Dr. Felix Gutzwiller Foundation Board Chairman of the Sanitas Foundation

Dr. Martin Meyer President of the Board of the Swiss Institute of International Studies

Covid-19 is more than just a pandemic with dramatic consequences it is a multisystem stress test. It has shown us in realtime that pandemics are global events that have numerous ramifications affecting directly or indirectly our health, our jobs, our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. Suddenly we have realized that we are all interconnected and interdependent.
However it pervasive power is also that of an accelerator of interdisciplinarity, an opportunity to change for the better, and a real-time example of why we need to capitalize on our existing knowledge to discover novel converging forces. Major questions lie ahead as the disruption caused by Covid-19 unfolds. Convergence and the circularity of health are elements that must be explored to redesign a new health eco-system which is less vulnerable and more sustainable.