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Ilaria Capua is among the winners of the 39th MASI AWARD

October 24, 2020

Together with Reinhold Messner and Andrea Rigoni, Ilaria Capua received the Masi Civiltà Veneta 2020 Award on 24 October 2020. This is an important recognition that the Masi Foundation bestows on personalities – Venetian by birth, by family or by adoption – who have distinguished in the fields of literature, art, journalism, science, entertainment and economics, and which with their work have promoted and enhanced the skills of the Venetian people in the broadest fields of human activity, making themselves bearers of fundamental values of this land.

This year, the Masi recognition, in addition to representing a celebratory moment in the name of tradition and culture, was also an occasion for profound reflections on a theme such as Sustainability, which with the pandemic emergency is highly topical, particularly meaning and pregnancy.

Video of the award ceremony available here