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Discovering the circular nature of Covid-19

December 18, 2020

There were more than 18,000 views of four online meetings on eight social networks, with hundreds of comments and the involvement and four international partners: the World Bank, Greenpeace International, New York University and These were the results of a series of digital talks on Discovering the Circular nature of Covid-19, curated by Elastica to mark the launch of Circular Health. Empowering the One Health Revolution, the book by Ilaria Capua, recently published in Europe and the USA by Bocconi University Press.

In October and November 2020 the scientist had the chance to talk to some of the world’s most renowned experts on economics, the environment, ethics and research: Dale Jamieson from New York University, Jeffrey Sachs and the economists from the World Bank, Reyes Tirado from Greenpeace and finally May Boeve from the American NGO

“The health of humans, animals, plants and the environment are all interlinked, and all our actions have an impact on the earth’s closed system, which is like an enormous aquarium where everything is connected. If we keep on destroying the biodiversity and the ecosystems of our aquarium to serve human interests, we will end up paying the consequences.  We’re already doing so and the pandemic is a clear signal of this. So we need a long-term, across-the board vision of this issue, and we have to stop trading the health of the future for immediate advantages which will destroy us in the long term.”